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4 September 2018  expand
'Recent Works' art show at Pictorem Gallery
Pete's first exhibtion of his personal, non-illustration work is currently showing at Pictorem Gallery in East London. Featuring nineteen recent pieces, originals and high quality prints are on sale.

“The pictures showing here are intended to resemble children’s book illustrations that have drifted away from the books themselves and into dark corners and shadows, away from childhood and into the adult psyche. The underlying consoling structure of children’s books have been discarded and replaced with a dream world of anxiety and absurdity. A ‘half-place’ that is uncanny and eerie, not quite right, in which things are in the wrong place or at the wrong scale. The sense of displacement that comes from my adoption has become increasingly integral to my personal work. Objects or people tend to drift free of their surroundings, or are just not where they might be expected to be. A sense of children wandering in a world where things aren’t how they should be keeps emerging." 

All prints are on high quality Hahnemule German Etching 310 gsm. art paper, printed by Aaron at

September 4th to October 1st.

Pictorem Gallery
383 Hoe Street
E17 9AP
9 August 2018  expand
Current projects
1 June 2018  expand
Alice Williams Literary children's books agency
24 May 2018  expand
6 May 2017  expand
Chiddingstone Literary Festival
16 February 2017  expand
The Art of Stitch Head - Trinity Theatre, Tunbrige Wells
1 November 2016  expand
Edgar the Raven returns.
10 October 2016  expand
Monstar's Messy School Day.
12 May 2016  expand
A Christmas Carol - Oxford University Press
1 May 2016  expand
Monstar's Haunted House.
11 February 2016  expand
Stitch Head: The Monster Hunter
2 June 2015  expand
The Mel Foster novels by Julia Golding.
26 March 2015  expand
Charles Darwin Biography - Isabel Thomas
21 March 2015  expand
Stitch Head returns!
12 February 2015  expand
Enter the Creepy Caves...
26 November 2014  expand
The Whale Gardens
26 October 2014  expand
Something Quite Beastly This Way Cometh...
14 July 2014  expand
The Drummer Boy - Leon Garfield
10 July 2014  expand
From deep within Creepy Caves...
2 June 2014  expand
Monstar the Superhero to the rescue!
23 April 2014  expand
Welcome to Terror Town.
15 April 2014  expand
Monstar Makes A Wish.
10 April 2014  expand
Monstar Finds A Home published.
6 March 2014  expand
John Diamond - a Vintage Children's Classics reissue.
19 December 2013  expand
Monstar the Superhero.
10 December 2013  expand
Marcus Sedgwick's Terror Town...
29 November 2013  expand
The Sheffield Children's Book Awards 2013.
10 November 2013  expand
Cross the Dread Desert!
1 October 2013  expand
New artworks...
27 September 2013  expand
Sam Gayton's Lilliput on the UKLA longlist.
25 September 2013  expand
Fright Forest nominated for 2013 Sheffield Book Award.
11 August 2013  expand
Monstar Finds A Home.
10 August 2013  expand
1 July 2013  expand
Marcus Sedgwick's Dread Desert.
8 June 2013  expand
Get stuck into The Spider's Lair.
3 May 2013  expand
"A clawed masterpiece' out now in paperback.
2 May 2013  expand
Marcus Sedgwick's Scream Sea is out now!
8 March 2013  expand
Sam Gayton's Lilliput.
8 February 2013  expand
Whizz bang fun with Granny Grabbers' Daring Rescue.
4 November 2012  expand
Being Bradford Dillman award news.
4 November 2012  expand
Monster Mountains are looming...
23 September 2012  expand
Cudweed and the Time Machine.
6 September 2012  expand
The Cafe At The Edge Of The Moon by Francesca Simon.
6 September 2012  expand
Monster Mountains.
1 September 2012  expand
The Ghost Of Grotteskew is haunting bookstores now.
5 July 2012  expand
Prepare to enter Fright Forest...
4 June 2012  expand
Granny Grabbers and Delilah Smart are on their way...
30 May 2012  expand
Mr. P's Naughty Book out on 7 June 2012.
30 May 2012  expand
Space Lizards Ate My Sister!
30 May 2012  expand
Into the Fright Forest - with Sedgwick and Williamson!
30 April 2012  expand
Stitch Head and the Pirate's Eye sets sail.
18 December 2011  expand
Cudweed In Outer Space has launched.
8 December 2011  expand
A new series from Marcus and Pete...
3 December 2011  expand
Stitch Head and the Pirate's Eye.
16 November 2011  expand
Mr P's Naughty Book by Francesca Simon.
16 November 2011  expand
Diamonds and Doom is out now. Weirdness abounds!
16 November 2011  expand
Website music by Chris Speed.
16 November 2011  expand
To Be A Cat by Matt Haig.
31 August 2011  expand
Stitch Head has escaped into the world...
24 March 2011  expand
A Being Bradford Dillman update...
23 March 2011  expand
Stitch Head - A brand new series with Guy Bass!
22 March 2011  expand
Space Lizards Ate My Brain! by Mark Griffiths
15 March 2011  expand
Cudweed in colour.
1 March 2011  expand
Magic and Mayhem
28 February 2011  expand
Blue Peter Book Awards 2011 - Lunatics and Luck wins!
15 February 2011  expand
The Parent Swap Shop by Francesca Simon.
1 November 2010  expand
The Raven Mysteries in hardback and paperback.
21 July 2010  expand
Another award for Dinkin Dings!
2 July 2010  expand
Blue Peter Book Award 2010
2 July 2010  expand
Mischmasches of miscellany
2 July 2010  expand
Alister & Paine
1 July 2010  expand
Jewish Curriculum Partnership
1 July 2010  expand
Anti-Slavery International
1 July 2010  expand
Polywood Studios
1 July 2010  expand