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The Raven Mysteries
Award-winning children's author Marcus Sedgwick’s first series for younger readers is set in the eerie and endlessly strange grounds of Otherhand Castle. Pete’s dark and witty illustrations capture the gothic madness of its long-standing inhabitants, the Otherhand family, perfectly.

The third Raven Mystery - Lunatics and Luck - recently won Best Story with Pictures in the 2011 Blue Peter Book Awards.

Six novels featuring the castle’s gruesome goings-on now grace the bookshelves of those who have put them on their bookshelves. Diamonds And Doom, the final novel in the series, was published in October 2011.

Youngest son and slightly tubby monkey-loving nitwit, Cudweed Otherhand, also stars in three of his very own Early Reader books, Orion's best-selling range for younger readers. Cudweed's Birthday, Cudweed in Outer Space and Cudweed and the Time Machine are out now.

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